how to convert magazine to DPS with Indesign cc 2015?



The Adobe Experience Manager Mobile thing is great, bit a bit of a labyrinth .. where can I find an introduction to converting magazine layouts to DPS using Indesign cc 2015?


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Answers (1)




Creating InDesign source documents

InDesign includes several features that make it easy to create source files for AEM Mobile articles:

  • Digital Publishing Intent setting in New Document dialog box
  • Alternate Layouts
  • Overlays panel
  • Panels such as Object States and Buttons and Forms

When creating source files, do not use facing pages—use only one page per spread.

  1. In InDesign CS6 or later, choose File > New > Document.
  2. For Intent, choose Digital Publishing.
    • For Page Size, specify the target device such as iPad. If necessary, change the width and height values.
    • Your exported article file will be scaled and letterboxed as needed for display on any tablet or phone.
    • To target iPads, we recommend using 1024x768 pixels. To target iPhones, we recommend using 1136x640 pixels (or 568x320 to maintain the same object and text sizes relative to the 1024x768 iPad documents).
    • If you want to allow smooth scrolling in your article, you can specify a custom page size (such as 1024x3000 or 768x2000). Make sure that you select the Smooth Scrolling option when exporting the article.
  • Save the document, and choose File > Export. In the Export dialog box, choose “Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Article” (previously called "DPS Article").