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Error downloading article


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Hi I don't know where it comes from, but suddenly my article cannot update - i tried changing content, replacing the article content that's broken with something I know works, to not avail.

On the iPad, when i try to refresh the article, it spins for some time and then generates an error that says "The requested URL was not found on this server"

Has anyone experienced anything like that?

Is there any restriction for naming convention or anything else I should look out for, like file size (this one is small), animation, etc..?

Any help will be much appreciated!


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I'm not really sure why this would happen. What is the status of the article in the web portal? Does it should "Published"? If you remove the app and install it again can you view it, or will it always fail to load?


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I've seen this a few times, and we have to remember, the product is still in Beta, so all the bugs are not worked out. 

What I've done to resolve this, is:

First, try republishing the article, and it's complete hierarchy from the bottom up - publish article, then it's collection, home collection, Top Level Collection, or whatever nest of collections you've built.

Also, try republishing it's mapped card, as well as the layout that the card is mapped to.

If that fails, I've also gone as far as deleting the App, and reinstalling that on my device (iPad or iPhone).

If you can get the erroneous process to repeat, and can document what's happening or not happening, report it as a bug.

Hope this helps!



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Thanks for your answers.

The problem is solved temporarily, I just don't know how I solved it.

By the way, the portal showed all the elements as working ok, "published"

And the article was displaying properly for quite some time, until it just stopped working!

Here is what I've done:

- Change the information and title of the article - used simple words, no special characters of any sort. - NOTHING FIXED

- Change the name of the .article file before uploading - NOTHING FIXED

- Change the fonts in use in the article to something basic - helvetica – repackaged the App with an updated Font Package, just in case – NOTHING FIXED

- Upload a different ".article" to the article, something that I know already works - NOT WORKING

- Create a new article, delete the existing one, and upload the same article with yet another simple name to it – NOT WORKING

- Edit the ".article" to a simple one-pager with just a color box in it – NOT WORKING!!!!

- One by one, as different permutations, took away Object state automated animation slides or slides containing HTLM animation (my opening page is an animated logo) - NOTHING FIXED

- Threw the content of the indesign document into a NEW document and re-exported as ".article" with a brand new title and everything - NOTHING FIXED

What has fixed it temporarily:

- Took away all object states but on one slide.

- Took away the simple HTML Animated logo on the first page and replaced with static eps logo

What seems to have made the difference:

My Article Image was a CMYK image. I replaced by RGB (that was a mistake on my part, realized it last minute)

Although it doesn't change the fact that I tried everything before – I did change the one CMYK image by other images in my desperate attempts to solve the issue, I did it several times with all kinds of images – this last step seems to have done it. I can't explain why a preview image that actually downloaded and displayed perfectly on the iPad, would have any influence on the system's ability to download the article properly, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't. But that's when it made a difference!

Crazy no?