Activate an MSO State from a button in another MSO state?



Hi, I am building an interactive story that unfolds on the page as the user interacts with it. The user will read a small chunk of text and choose A or B. One will display feedback that lets the user know why that's the wrong path and to try again, the other will show the user the right path (or story snippet), then display the next story chuck with another A and B option. This process will happen 10 times. My original idea was to have 10 MSOs that have two states each; The wrong path/answer in one state and the the right path/answer in the other as well as the next piece of the story that displays some text and two more A/B buttons. As it would seem, I'll have to build out this story using one MSO and 20 + object states with many buttons. Is there a way to make one MSO activate another without using a set of invisible buttons outside of the MSOs and anchored? The reason I want to avoid that last scenario is that a semi blank page full of invisible buttons could randomly be touched resulting in object states being view out of order.







You can do it as long as it’s on the same spread.

Create the button but don’t add an action just yet. Create a very small empty text frame and anchor the button to the frame. Add the frame to the other MSO and then select the button.

You should have both MSOs as a choice for which to control.