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To rollout and publish the rolledout pages


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: Rollout and publish the rolledout pages.
Use-case: A feature in the OOB toolbox that will enable the authors to rollout a page. As a summary of the rollout we need to display which are all the pages that are affected along with a publish button by the side of the list. Rightnow, the author is unaware of what are the pages that affected by the rollout. Publishing each page after the rollout is very difficult.
Current/Experienced Behavior: we dont have an option in the sites.html to rollout a page. 
Improved/Expected Behavior: We need to check if the page is a blueprint or not and conditionally display a button that says "rollout and publish". Once rollout operation is completed the author should be able o see a list of pages affected by the rollout and need a publish button so that the rolledout pages can be published without hastle.
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable):  
Customer-name/Organization name: Abinaya/Perficient
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Hi @abinayaSirius 

One way to know whether a page is a blueprint or not can be by knowing whether it have  livecopy or not.

You can use below code to know whether it has a livecopy or not:

Resource resource = req.getResourceResolver().getResource("<path of the page you wanted to check for blueprint>");

LiveRelationshipManager liveRelationshipManager = req.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(LiveRelationshipManager.class);
RangeIterator rangeIterator = liveRelationshipManager.getLiveRelationships(resource,"",null);


if rangeIterator is null that means it doesn't have any live copy hence is not a blueprint.

You can use the same code to get all the live copies if the path provided is a blueprint.


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Hello @abinayaSirius 

Could you please let us if the proposal from @Rohit-Negi works for your use case and if you managed to get the information as needed?


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@abinayaSirius , We are closing this ticket as we do not hear a response from you. Please reply with information asked on this thread to reopen it again. 

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The rollout configs
Activate on Blueprint and decativate on Blueprint also allowed you to publish/unpublish live copy as soon as blueprint is published.