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Show info about child page to be unpublished


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: Show info about child pages to be unpublished while unpublishing of parent page from editor mode
Use-case: There are parent page that has got several child pages. All published
Current/Experienced Behavior:

1. While parent page is being unpublished using Manage Publication button from structure, the message about number of references and child pages appears

2. If parent page is being unpublished via Edit mode - Unpublish page button from drop down menu, notification without info of child pages appears

Improved/Expected Behavior: Need to add to second case notification information about child pages that are supposed to be unpublished too
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): Tested on clean AEM 6.5.14 (without our application) Oracle JDK 11.0.17
Customer-name/Organization name: Veeam Software
Screenshot (if applicable):

1. Unpublising using Manage publication button from structure


 There s message about child pages to be unpublished as well


2. Unpublishing page via edit mode with Unpublish item in drop down menu 



 There is no message about child pages 



Code package (if applicable):  





Thanks for proposing this idea
This has been reported to the engineering under the internal reference SITES-15649. The product team will triage this request to verify feasibility based on the prioritization model. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.
Status changed to: Investigating