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Push update notification


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: Push notifications for version update
Current/Experienced Behavior: No notifications provided for push version updates on the AEM production pipeline.
Improved/Expected Behavior: Provide notification updates for readiness
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud service
Customer-name/Organization name: PTZ Insurance
Screenshot (if applicable):  
Code package (if applicable):  


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Hi @Swapnil_S 


non-prod environment updates are currently initiated by the customers. 


Daily updates are a core feature of AEMCS and all adobe customers receive them, there is no customer subscription needed. "eligible" is an internal term which defines if a customer has a program provisioned and a pipeline executed which can be updated. 


We can write functional and ui tests which validate their functionality for every deployment to their production system ( through a push update).


Refer to below links: 








Employee Advisor


I like that suggestion, although more details would be helpful do discuss it. For example:
* how should that "push" look like? Is a notification in the CM UI sufficient? Do you want to configure a custom webhook for it which is invoked then? Email?

* what's the expected payload for this push? Just a "there is a new version available" or more information like the links to release notes etc?

* when do you expect to receive a push? Do you want to receive 1 day ahead of time, 30 minutes before or is 2 hours after the push sufficient?
* for which environments do you want to receive this information? Just Stage/PROD or also for DEV environments?

* what do you intend to do with this push information? Is it just for notification (so you can relate any problems happening after that push to a new release) or do you want to able to perform some actions based on it? In this case, which actions?


@san  can you please provide these additional information to make this request more actionable?


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Hi @Jörg_Hoh ,


The push information notifications are crucial for our Production Pipeline Staging and Production environments.


The previous concerning situation we encountered was quite alarming as the push version updates caused overriding of the the code sitting on the Staging instance awaiting a final approval before the final Production environment push and also caused the Staging Publisher URL into a complete mess.


Push update version was installed on the Staging and Production environments without any prior notification and the both the environments were reset to previous successful build on the Production environment.


Our intent with the code on the Staging instance was to complete the UAT for a rebranding initiative of the whole website for the business stakeholders approval before it gets pushed to Production environment final live website release.


Also, currently there is no automated version push updates on the Non-production pipeline i.e. the Developer environment for our account. We would like to automate that process as well with the latest version updates on the Non-production pipeline but with a prior push update notification


Our expectations are at least a 7 days to minimum 48 hours of advance notification email that could be provided for any readiness required for our end. Also, these updates will help us keep informed all our developers (internal and external), (onshore and offshore), working at different time zones and also plan our biweekly release deployments accordingly.


Please let me know if we can schedule a call next week with our team and Sr Manager to discuss this further.


Please reach out for any further questions.



Swapnil S




Employee Advisor


I am not part of the Adobe product management, so I cannot discuss any details on accepting this feature request or beyond.


Regarding the problem you encountered with an unexpected push of a new release, while you had a validation running on Stage: The CM won't push a new release if your PROD pipeline is already running. That means if you want to validate a stage deployment, configure it with a manual approval step. This will pause the pipeline up to 14 days, and during that time no release is pushed to stage and prod.

If you cancel the stage deployment this will stop the PROD pipeline, and this allows the CM to push a new release.


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Hi @Jörg_Hoh,


Thanks for recommendation and I had a similar understanding as well. Can you direct me with an Adobe Team who can help with these enhancement requests about the push notification updates. We need these activated for future readiness.








Thanks for proposing this idea

This has been reported to the engineering under the internal reference GRANITE-41609. The product team will triage this request to verify feasibility based on the prioritization model. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.

Status changed to: Investigating