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Optimizing the Download options


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Zusammenfassung der Funktionsverbesserungsanfrage (RFE):

Currently the system only delivers ootb the option to download 
- Renditions (which include every rendition, even the unnecessary system renditions like for example the thumbnails)

- Smart Crops (which include ALL the smartcrops)
- Dynamics (were Presets can only get downloaded one at a time) 

Anwendungsfall: A User wants to download 100 pictures, but only a specific rendition or smartcrop. Lets say the16:9 Smartcrop for all of them. 
Aktuelles/erlebtes Verhalten: The Download option does not tell the user what this all contains.
He will get every available rendtion (even those that are only useful for the system) and every smartcrop that is available for his selection. He does not see which options his download will contain. He can not opt out of the unnecessary options.
Verbessertes/erwartetes Verhalten:

The download dialoge needs to have sub-options that make it possible for the user to only download what he wants. 
It should be possible to limit the renditons in this sub-options dialoge, so the system renditions are not automaticly in the download.

The Dynamic Presets should be also be available as checkboxes, so the user can download multiple presets at a time.
Also, the image modifier pannel is not very user friendly. 
For example, the https://landing.adobe.com/en/na/dynamic-media/ctir-2755/dynamic-assets.html site displays how such a selector could look like. 
Choose your own Background, quality factor, format... It is hard to demand from every user to understand the image modifiers and them use them correctly

Umgebungsdetails (AEM-Version/Service Pack, ggf. weitere Angaben): 2023.9.13665.20230927T063259Z
Name des Kunden/der Organisation: medi GmbH & Co. KG
Screenshot (sofern zutreffend): download.png

Code-Paket (sofern zutreffend):  
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I would definitely love to see this functionality in AEM. It should also carry over into Asset Link as well. If I link to an asset I should be able to choose the rendition I link to.