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OOTB Touch UI Improvements to Tags


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: Upgrade the Tags (Taxonomy) component with OOTB features that should of been addressed in 6.5. The 6.5 experience greatly reduced my ability to work efficiently. It removed functionality available in Classic UI rather than improve upon the Classic UI functionality and features. Pay attention to the Tags as much as you do to DAM, AI/ML. See current experience for details.
Use-case: Taxonomy tag manager
Current/Experienced Behavior: Degraded experience for tag management and findability in 6.5 OOTB features. Tag functionality was ignored in 6.5. The Touch UI experience is clunky, requires multiple clicks to do anything, unable to search for tags unless applying page properties. The Touch UI experience removed the ability to view tags in a tree or list, unable to easily scan the list of references applied to a tag, unable to sort, view tag status (published, deactivated, unpublished) modified by whom and when.  I work 90% of my time in Tags in AEM. The 6.5 upgrade greatly degraded the functionality and usability of tags. Tags are not alphabetical OOTB, it takes multiple clicks to see the status of a tag (published, deactivated, unpublished), unable to view a clean list of references or export a list of references where tag was applied, unable to view tags in a tree or list, unable to search tags in omnisearch unless in page properties applying tags. I have to manage them in Excel and then upload. I have to conduct a querybuilder to create an export to create custom views of the tags. It's a huge headache and incredibly manual. 
Improved/Expected Behavior: Why were Tags ignored in the 6.5 upgrade, is there a planned upgrade to bring back the functionality that was available in Classic UI for Tags? Highly suggested: Omnisearch ability within tags - I need to be able to search the tags and only the tags to find duplicates, available options, whether or not something is in the tags within the namespaces. Add Tree and List views, ability to view references and published status, modified date, published date for multiple tags at once, not one at a time! Also create a References List export, not only have i lost the ability to scan the list of references applied to a tag, but i cannot pull the list.
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AEM 6.5
Customer-name/Organization name:  
Screenshot (if applicable):  
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Hello @mktgurtin 

Thanks for the idea proposed

Could you please provide the name of the customer for which you will like this to be included in the product?

About your proposal, regarding the possibility to order the tags differently than alphabetically, there is currently an improvement - internal reference CQ-4311423 - opened for the engineering team to add this feature. This feature is flagged to be done by the end of June but if you need it to be backported to 6.5 you will need to request this via a support ticket unfortunately


For the other ideas, they have been raised to the product team via the Jira CQ-4326352. The product team will triage this request to verify feasibility based on the prioritization model. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.

Status changed to: Investigating


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I'm confused by the question. The name of the customer for which you will like to be included in the product? Are you asking where I work? Which part of Adobe Experience Manager this should be applied too?