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Custom Author environments' domains


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: Custom Author environments' domains
Use-case: custom author domains not available - hard for the dev and business teams to use the system
Current/Experienced Behavior: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/implementing/author-tier/ac...
Improved/Expected Behavior: We need to have author domains customized as we do have for publishes
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AEM as a Cloudservice
Customer-name/Organization name: ABB Information Systems LTD
Screenshot (if applicable):  
Code package (if applicable):  
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Hello @Adam100 

Thanks for proposing this idea

It appears that there is already an existing improvement opened at the engineering level to provide this feature, internal reference CMGR-18457

Unfortunately we don't have any ETA on when this would be available in Cloud Manager

Status changed to: Accepted
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