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Assets New/View/React UI | Resurrect the Star Rating Feature


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: I know this was previously available as part of the AEM social package and then unsupported with the move to AEMaaCS, but our organization (and I believe most others as well) would greatly benefit from using a native 5-star rating system on our assets, interactive from the card view and sortable in the list view.
Use-case: Particularly with our photography assets, we have a process in place to rank images on a 5-point scale from Best to Worst, which directly translates into how people are discovering and using these assets in other marketing materials. Having the stars on the card and properties view--both to actually apply the rating as well as to immediately have the visual cue (like how it's managed in Adobe Bridge)--would be extremely helpful, and would create the ability to filter out lower rankings, sorting assets in the list view according to ranking, etc. It would also be a very intuitive, user-friendly enhancement as a star-rating concept is universally used across all types of technology platforms and industries all over the world. 
Current/Experienced Behavior: Our workaround in the Touch UI involves a custom field to capture asset rating data, which is being mapped to the Average Rating field, which then populates star icons on a custom overlay in the card view, and allows for sorting in the list view. The star icons are not clickable to direct select the rating, and going to the custom field in the Properties to select the rating is counter-intuitive to the users. Also, we will not be able to replicate this workaround in the new Assets View UI, which we want to move to and release to the enterprise.
Improved/Expected Behavior: Add back the 5-star Asset Rating field. Every asset would have 5 blank star icons in all asset views (like in Adobe Bridge) with the ability to click the star to apply the rating metadata. Bonus: if that metadata were applied in Bridge, it would auto-map into AEM. 
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AEMaaCS, using the Touch UI on Author at an enterprise level (1,300 employees), wanting to upgrade to the newer UI but roadblocked by lack of this feature
Customer-name/Organization name: HGA
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