AEM Version Offloading and Restore



Many customers today need the AEM Versions to be kept and not purge due to legal requirements.

At any given point of time , customers may want to restore to any previous versions, can view differences, go in timewarp mode with all the previous versions of a page.


Over a period of time , the jcr:VersionStorage can grow to more than 100 million nodes which makes indexing , Inplace Upgrade and overall system performances slow.


We need ability in AEM where jcr versions can be offloaded to an offloaded instance / shared mount and all the OOTB functionalities like Restore, TimeWarp, Version history / difference should work AS IS without the need of custom code/ implementation.

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Hi @Kundan_Ray1 

This can be achieved by using crx2oak tool to migrate the Page content using "--include-paths" argument and the "--copy-versions=true" flag which would make a backup instance with all versions and pages.

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