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AEM Assets: Collections and Search results should have "List View (all items)" option


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: "List View (all items)" option is available when browsing folders. However, it's missing when looking at the search results and when browsing a collection. Adding this option  would eliminate scrolling through lazy load in order to select all.
Use-case: Sometimes bulk changes / downloads need to be done to all items in a collection. Inability to list all assets in a collection forces user to endlessly scroll through lazy load in order to select all assets. 
Current/Experienced Behavior: "List View (all items)" option is not available in search results or in collections
Improved/Expected Behavior: "List View (all items)" option is available in search results or in collections, just as it is available for folder browsing.
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): 6.5.8
Customer-name/Organization name: Wakefern Food Corp
Screenshot (if applicable): OksanaDersovitz_0-1620074729221.png

Update the toggle between card view and list view, by adding "List View (all items)"

Code package (if applicable):  




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Ref: "List View (all items)" option is available when browsing folders.

The provided screen shot does not show such option rather it shows the "List View" that should also be available in collections. Can you provide a screen shot from menu item "list view (all items)" that you are referring to? Thanks

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@hamidk92094312 ,

Here are the options available when you are browsing folders in AEM Assets, with "List View (all items)" being one of them:



These options are NOT available when you are scrolling through search results nor when you are browsing collections. The only options are to toggle between list view and card view. I am asking that the same options that are available for folder browsing be made available for collections browsing AND search results.


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It was just brought to my attention that our "List View (all items)" menu option was custom-built by our vendor who originally stood up the on-prem Assets platform.

Sorry about the confusion. In this case, we need a "Select All" option in Search results and in Collections, that actually selects all assets and not just what's visible (or a clear error message that there are too many assets to select to do any meaningful operation)