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While doing Custom Error Page Handling facing the following error while building the source code


Level 1

[ERROR] 1 error(s) detected during dependency analysis.
[ERROR] Filter root's ancestor '/apps/sling/servlet' is not covered by any of the specified dependencies.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.jackrabbit:filevault-package-maven-plugin:1.0.3:generate-metadata (default-generate-metadata) on project <project_name>.ui.apps: 1 error(s) detected during dependency analysis.

Can anyone let me know how to resolve this error..

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Please ensure you have a relevant entry in ui.apps filter.xml to cover for /apps/sling/servlet path


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Can you please share ui.apps filter.xml and pom.xml with filevault-package-maven-plugin details. if in filter you have /apps/sling/servlet, change it to /apps/sling and clear target folder to rebuild