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Table entry formating problem


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Hello experts,

I have again a question. This time it's about the table entries. In the fbl1n t-codes view, I have data with a negative sign. For example, something is not paid, and it's written 1234.45-  and the calculation is at the end. I designed my table to fetch the data and make a calculation in the PDF. The calculation is working perfectly, showing the minus signs when the amount is negative. My problem is that in the table, all values are positive instead of a combination of positive and negative signs. 

The field I'm using is dmbrt and in the debugger, following the logic, it is also a negative sign. How can I put the sign in the table. 

this is in the table 



this is how it looks like in the pdf. I need those values to be negative, with a - sign after the number 

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