Submit to a Form Data Model in which entities have associations and configured with Microsoft Dynamics



Hi all,

Bear with me, I am fairly new to both Dynamics 365 and this connector.

I have run into a bit of an issue.

So I've done the following:

  • Configured my Microsoft Dynamics O-Data Cloud Service
  • Created a Form Data Model
  • Made some associations with some of the Entities
  • Configured Submit Action to "Submit to a Form Data Model" 

What I was expecting: For everything to work perfectly without a hassle.

What I got: Submission only happens to the Entity configured in the Submit action of the adaptive form despite the associations to any other Entity. (Hassle)

What else I tried: Submitting through "Invoke service"(My idea was for invoke service to return an id of newly submitted entry  and assign it to a hidden field then make another call to submit to the Associated Entity using that Id). But that didn't work out well as per the following screenshot. 🙄



 I went confidently to my Service to configure the return type but that was grayed out🙄output type.PNG

 So please help me out. Is it possible to enable the grayed out area? If so, Please explain how I can do that or maybe provide a link where someone does the same. If not, please help me with ideas of how I can get around my dilemma or a link where someone explains this.

Thanks in advance


Adaptive Forms AEM 6.4 D365 Microsoft Dynamics



@Belinda- Output Type of service can't be changed from FDM (Form Data Model). You need to implement following workflow 

  1. Create custom action/service in dynamics which store contact and return Id.
  2. Include custom action in FDM and use it instead of default POST contact/contact then remaining follow should work 



@Vijay_Kumar_Jalagari Thank you for your response, could you please guide me through that process, like I said I am pretty new to Dynamics, perhaps a link to an article/tutorial where I could find guidance.



I guess at the end of the day I just want to submit to multiple tables from the same form and obviously prefill, if my ideas aren't gonna get me there faster please let me know. I'd appreciate any guidance really.
@Belinda - Can you please confirm which version of AEM is used as I remember return type of function was changed. Can you also try to remove it and add again?