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Secured non CQ search result page


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Hi All

I have the following requirement. Secured search result page on Site B(non-CQ) needs to show results only from unsecured CQ site

Option 1)

  • Build a custom CQ servlet which queries the unsecured CQ content. 
  • Site B implements custom search functionality which sends a request to CQ servlet
  • Site B renders the results retrieved from the CQ servlet
  • All CQ pages are non-secure. Is it possible to show non-secure URL's which point to CQ pages in a secured non-CQ search result page without getting warnings??

 Option 2)

  • We want to explore the option of Site B not implementing a custom search functionality, in particular not having to build the search result page from content received from CQ. Is it possible to reuse the OOB CQ search functionality and the search result page, from the secured  non-CQ site? Imagine the scenario where Site B queries the same servlet as the OOB CQ search component does. The search result generated from the OOB search implementation is somehow transferred/embedded in the secured non CQ search result page

Thanks in advance

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