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Overflow headers - positions lost on next header


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Hi All,


I am working with the Adobe Lifecycle Designer and are using the Subforms for printing out tables.

The Header is in a separat Subform that is of the type "positioned".


This is connected to the Subform as "overflow" where the Lines of the table are looped.

The content of the table is dynamic - so I don't know how many colums there will be before print.


To active this I am using the javascript like this :
this.w = "10mm"; for the columns with data in - and this.w = "0.00mm" to hide the empty columns. And the postition with this.x = "xxmm";


Most of the logic works on the first page - but My problem is the "overflow header".


The header section on the FIRST page works nicely - but the overflow isn't printing in the correctly position - I tought that I could control the position with the "this.x" ?


Anyone that have the same issue - or even better - HOW can I make a overflow header that should works with dynamiclly content, width & position ?


thanks !


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columnWidths property helps to set the width of the column dynamically.





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