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Migrate LiveCycle ES4 to AEM Forms OSGi


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We are working with Livecycle and through EJB we use with Java the next Apis:

FormsServiceClient (Adobe LiveCycle ES4 API Reference)

OutputClient (Adobe LiveCycle ES4 API Reference) https://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/11.0/ProgramLC/javadoc/com/adobe/livecycle/output/client/Outp...

AssemblerServiceClient (Adobe LiveCycle ES4 API Reference)

ReaderExtensionsServiceClient (Adobe LiveCycle ES4 API Reference)

We use these APIs following the next guide:


Now we are going to migrate to AEM Forms OSGi, and we have seen this link:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Using AEM Document Services Programmatically

Which works with the new APIs:

FormsService (AEM Forms API)

OutputService (AEM Forms API)

But these APIs have fewer methods, and different parameters. Now seems mandatory to use AssemblerService (AEM Forms API) to replicate functionalities like

FormsServiceClient.html#processFormSubmission (which we use to extract the attachments from a PDF).

Is there any documentation that relationate the older API (Livecycle) with the new API (AEM Forms OSGi)?

Is there any guide like "programming-with-aem-forms.pdf" for AEM Forms OSGi?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Raúl Fuente

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