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How to set a predefined name or attribute of the pdf when click on download to local in AEM Forms (osgi)?


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Hi All,
I am looking for solution how I can download/set name of the pdf when I click on download Icon #2.

Current issue is : -
1) I am popping up pdf stream into browser (screenshot below) and it is generated/shown from url as you can see in #1 (snapshot)
2) I am able to set the title as shown = Brochure.
3) When I click on #2 (download) icon it opens up window to save the file on my local.
4) ISSUE : Now when it tries to save the file, I want to save with a specific text, lets save Brochure_1.pdf but it is showing as what is there in URL.

Can someone help me where do I set the property so that when I click on download, it should show Brochure_1 instead of 47b672*********289?

I tried using com.adobe.aemfd.docmanager – setAttribute (“file”,”Brochure_1”) but that also not saving as desired.







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