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Getting exit code 23 in curl command run


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I have a cron job which executes curl command using java (ProcessBuilder class), but I'm getting Exit Code : 23 on running download command 

curl -u user_name:user_pwd https://<prod_url>/etc/packages/my_packages/myPackage.zip --output myPackage.zip

 FYI, I am trying to download the existed package(myPackage.zip) from PROD to DEV environment by running this command in DEV environment (We are using AEMaaCS environments). The same command will download the package from prod in my local server, but not in higher environments like DEV or STAGE.

Any help would be helpful

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Hi @ahegde-1 


exit code 23 means , it got failed while writing output to destination. If you directly run the Curl command is it downloading properly . if yes then check the java code(If you are missing anything) as your invoking the curl command from the javacode.