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Disabling Rights Management cache breaks External Authorizer


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We run AEM Forms 6.4 on Windows / JBoss / SQL Server. When AEM Forms starts, it caches right-management-related information from the database. Because our database is very big, this process creates huge load on the SQL server disk. Following Adobe's advice, we disabled RM caching as follows:

  1. In the AEM Forms web UI, navigate to Home > Services > Document Security > Configuration > Manual Configuration.
  2. Export the current configuration to file.
  3. Edit the line <entry key="DisableRMCaching" value="false"/>, replace false with true.
  4. Import the configuration.
  5. Restart JBoss service.

This seems to have worked (no more heavy DB queries when AEM Forms starts), but also resulted in an unexpected side effect. We have an inhouse-developed External Authorizer deployed to AEM Forms, and as soon as we disable the RM cache, it stops working:

  1. If I navigate to Home > Services > Applications and Services > Service Management in the AEM Forms web UI, the External Authoriser service does show as "Running", but
  2. If I navigate to Home > Services >  Document Security  > Search My Policies >  Policy Detail  > Edit Policy to edit any policy, the External Authorization Providers section does not appear on the screen, and
  3. When I try to secure a PDF document with a policy that was previously set up to use my External Authorizer, that fails, and the following error gets logged to server.log: java.lang.Exception: Service does not exist ! Invalid service name ApsExternalAuthorizer.

I'd really appreciate any help on this.

Thank you,


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