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Dermis api FORM data model


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has anyone used dermis api to invoke form data model services ?


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Yes, could you please describe your use cases and any related questions?

Would like to use dermis api without passing deprecated json Apache api for the same  and I am passing json object or string , with multiple entities and data via submit.


1. Additionally wondering if using function output(not invoke service) I can invoke service using dermis api ?
2. another need is on submit, I would like to invoke puts or posts to subset of json data sent via submit, which I have class written but using deprecated json Apache api (code provided by adobe).  @Vijay_Kumar_Jalagari . I have json string and what easy way can I convert without using json Apache api

3.Also any redirect that can be sent over to front end ?


4. i see the response of execute query via dermisbridge is null but query is executed accurately , how do i know it is a success response via code - so as to capture it

  1. Invoke Service internal uses Dermis API for execute operations/services. 
  2. Have you tried ValueUtil.jsonToValue for converting json string to IValue which you can pass to Dermis API Query.
  3. You have to use Custom submit handler which internal invoke dermis bridge and configure redirect at submit action level.
  4. If they is no exception then query is executed succesfully, response is completed depedent on service you are invoking.


1. what is the best way to use it via function script within rule editor - invoking dermis api ?
2. The valueutil converts to ivalue but query.setoptions needs operation options that needs ivaluemap . Do we know how we can convert the string or jsonobject(gson api) to ivaluemap?

query.setOptions(new OperationOptions(operation id, ivaluemap). 

3. So this is not done at the api level but jsp or the component level ?

4. but value=dermisbridge.executeoperation is null although successfully executed. It does not give response