Changing http response status code when exception occurs in Workbench process

manug6844664 07-10-2019


Did anyone try changing HTTP Status COde from 200 to 4XX or 5XX in process in case OOB event for exception is triggered?

I have created process in Workbench where we are consuming JSON as body input and passing it through few business specific exceptions and OOB provided Exceptions like FileUtilsExceptions, Since processis invoked correctly but some validation failure or file operations failure can we pass the response with error description and HTTP STATUS code to != 200

Any pointers

AEM 6.2 on JBOSS

WorkBench 6.2


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manug6844664 16-10-2019

thanks, I got solution by not handling exception (routing to SetValue operation and setting custom error response) instead I left process to show real error as text/HTML response with http status code 500.

This is a work around as for every error in process we are getting 500 http status code and we cannot override with our custom response.


Why not create a variable to map HTTP status code in separately. Based on a conditional check do a set value to the custom variable for HTTP response code similar to the exception.

manug6844664 08-10-2019

Hi Mayank,

Since we know event is triggered on Exception, which I assign to SetValue operation in variable as self defined error string with description. But some how I cannot change the http status code.

So need pointers on that



"we pass the response with error description and HTTP STATUS code", please explain how are you doing this so that we can share some inputs.