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Can AEM Forms be set up and developed via a maven project to be source controlled?


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I'm new to AEM, AEM Forms, and Maven.

I've inherited an AEM Site set up through Maven. A consultant set it up and it works. However, I don't fully understand it, certainly not enough to modify it or set up a new Maven project for AEM Forms. 

Is there documentation out there that shows how to set up and AEM Forms project via maven? Is it even possible?

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AEM Forms OSGi is basically a feature pack on top of AEM. Forms and other assets lie in certain areas of the repository where they could be placed from a Maven project similar to what you do with AEM Site nodes. Any custom service, servlets, custom workflow steps etc would be developed as part of the Maven project (in Java). You can even deploy packages the same way you would do in the AEM Maven project for a site. You will need to figure out where the various forms assets are stored in the CRX to place XDPs, adaptive forms definitions etc. I did not find a documentation for that.

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If you are new to all involved technologies then you should first get yourself accustomed to setting up Maven projects and the use of Maven and Java.