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AEM Forms Designer automatically changes <p> style - how do I stop this?


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We have the stand-alone AEM Forms Designer, v6.5.17 to create government forms. When editing static text objects, AEM automatically applies the font style for the first word in the object to the paragraph - for instance, if the first word is bold and italics, that becomes the <p> style for the entire object. This creates a total mess of <span> styles in subsequent text in the same object. I can go into the XML source and manually change the <p> style to normal, but the style will AUTOMATICALLY change again next time I edit the object, with no other action on my part than clicking/selecting the object.

How do I stop this?

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You are not alone in this issue!


I have had this issue when embedding a URL in text and making the link bold. If you exit the static text field and re-enter the bold will disappear.


I reported this to Adobe as a bug last year. I had contact with the Product Manager for AEM Designer. It was accepted as a bug but to date no fix has been made available.


The workaround is to develop your form with all text formatted. When you have completed all development and testing go back in to all static text objects, re-do your formatting and then save as a final version. This would be the last thing you do. Hope that helps.