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AEM form


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This product "AEM form", can it design a dynamic smart pdf form (xfa form) and distribute to user via offline method. After user filled and submit to "AEM form" server, can the product extract out the xml data from the dynamic smart pdf form (xfa form) and pass a customized program for processing?

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Level 4

AEM Forms is the name of the new generation Adobe LiveCycle. Depending on the technology stack you use (JEE or OSGi only), you have all or part of the functionalities from the Adobe LiveCycle product. This includes XFA forms where you can still use a newer version of the Adobe Designer to create them. The product does not design or do things on its own but you need to build the form and configure or develop integrations with other systems. The "APIs" allow for extracting or merging data into XFA PDF forms - passing it on to the "customized program" will have to be developed by using Workflows or Java APIs or other means depending on that program. The offline case depends entirely on how the users get access to these generated PDFs. Offline can be something simple like I send the PDF to the user via e-mail or the user downloads it during connected periods, then uses Adobe Reader to fill and save and eventually submits or sends via e-mail when connected again. There is a mobile app that can support offline scenarios (https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/experience-manager-64/forms/aem-forms-app/work-offline-mode.h...) or you implement your own scenarios in the context of your app. There is no simple answer for that. But it can be done.


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@mcmc123 The short answer to all your question is 'yes'. You can create dynamic forms, distribute it via FTP or email, and configure the submission of AEM forms workflow engine. You can even render the xdp as HTML to leverage the rendering capability on mobile devices and modern-day browsers.