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[Sling Model]

  by <Santosh Sai>


Hey Everyone,
Have a Look at my blog on Sling Model
Below keys are take aways for you 
  1. Development Goals
  2. Sling Model - Old Approach
  3. Sling Model - New Approach
  4. Resource Data in POJO
  5. What can be Injected?
  6. Annotation Reference
  7. Setting Up
  8. Available Injectors
  9. Custom Injectors
  10. How Sling Models & HTL meet?
  11. Can we pass in parameters?
  12. Sling Model Exporters- Basic
Don’t forget to watch video for better understanding! https://www.techinnovia.com/sling-model/ 
Feel free to share your feedback on blog


Happy Learning!


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