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How to upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 by Nitin Seth


The AEM version 6.5 is a feature-packed upgrade from Adobe. Here’s a step-by-step upgrade process that has been followed and curated to successfully upgrade many of our enterprise customers to AEM 6.5.

Performing an in-place upgrade to AEM 6.5v
This post talks about the upgrade procedure for the AEM 6.5.


In Place Upgrade
Code Base Upgrade
Post Upgrade
Pre-Upgrade Scenario:
Before executing your upgrade, there are several steps that you must follow. Please also visit Adobe’s official page for Upgrading Code and Customizations and Pre-Upgrade Maintenance Tasks for more information.

Subsequently, make sure that your system meets the requirements for the new version of AEM.

Please verify how Pattern Detector can help you estimate the complexity of your upgrade and also see the Upgrade Scope and Requirements section of Planning Your Upgrade for more information.

Pre-upgrade checks and tasks
Following tasks can prepare your AEM instance for the upgrade process. Please make sure to attempt and complete these steps before proceeding for the actual In-place upgrade to AEM 6.5.

Back up your running AEM instance
For big repositories it is important to have a sufficient disk space (almost 1.5 times the repository size)
Create a package/ backup /etc node structure
Verify QuickStart. Properties file
When you start your AEM using the QuickStart jar, then a file called quickstart.properties under /crx-quickstart/conf will be created. However, If so far you have started your AEM, only with the start script, then this file will not be present and this could create a problem in upgrade process and your upgrade might fail. Therefore, you may attempt to start AEM using QuickStart Jar so that this file gets generated.

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How to upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5


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