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Adobe GraphQL with Headless CMS (AEMaaCS) by Mirza Baig


What is Headless CMS
CMS consist of Head and Body. Body is where the content is stored and head is where it is presented. In Headless CMS the body remains constant i.e. in our case it will be AEM but there is no head, meaning we can decide the head on our own. This does not mean that you don’t want or need a head (presentation), it’s that you get to pick and choose which head/s you send your body (content) to. It could be one or many.

Benefits of Headless CMS
There are many benefits of using a headless CMS. If you benefit from the below points then you might want to consider using it:

Head (Presentation) can be decided freely.
Can use technologies which do not have easy editing of content features.
Content developers are not bothered about the presentation layer and vice versa.
Wider reach: You can present your content to different platforms which in return target a wider audience.
Security : As content and presentation are on different platforms access to those can be well managed and segregated
More revenue if you monetise your content.
Allows you to build a technology stack that can easily and quickly adapt to future digital experience demands.
What is GraphQL
GraphQL is a query and manipulation language for APIs. GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime for APIs that prioritizes giving clients exactly the data they request and no more.

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Adobe GraphQL with Headless CMS (AEMaaCS)


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