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S3 Bucker Event in AEM?


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Hi Experts,


1. We have one requirement like client want to upload asset in to S3 bucket and want to pull asset automatically in to AEM.

     For example: If user uploaded the asset in to S3 bucket then immediately asset should ingest in to AEM.

    Any idea or approach to achieve this kind on requirement?


2. Are there any hot folder concept in AEM Asset?



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There is nothing like this OOTB in AEM Assets.

There are 2 main approaches:


1. Create code that listeners for S3 events, and pushes those new assets to AEM Assets (this code is all outside of AEM)

2. Create code in AEM (such as a Sling Scheduler [1]) that polls the S3 bucket intermittently (whatever frequency you want; every 1 min, every 10 min, etc.) and pulls in any new assets (since the last poll). 


[1] https://sling.apache.org/documentation/bundles/scheduler-service-commons-scheduler.html