How can I fetch the output in json format from DAM parent node to certain level




I have requirement to get all the assets and its properties in .json format at certain level by URl as /content/dam/abc/a.1.json

I am able to get data using httpclient library by get call ,Is there any other way to fetch the data in json format as I don't want to pass username and password in get call

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ashishg1547773 


You can also use SlingRequestProcessor Library. It requires AEM system user to make a request similar to HTTP request. The system user must have access to path where you are making a request.


You can take a look at the sample code:


        String assetUrl = assetPath + ".1.json";
        HttpServletRequest request = requestResponseFactory.createRequest("GET", assetUrl);
        request.setAttribute(WCMMode.REQUEST_ATTRIBUTE_NAME, WCMMode.DISABLED);
        ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
        HttpServletResponse response = requestResponseFactory.createResponse(out);
        try {
            requestProcessor.processRequest(request, response, resourceResolver);
            String jsonString = out.toString(HQConstants.UTF_8_ENCODING);
        } catch (ServletException | IOException e) {


Here, you need resourceResolver which must be of system user with right access rights. The above makes same request as HTTP request and as your requirment, does not need credentials.


Hope it helps!



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