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Handle GIFs on Scene 7 Mode


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Currently we are working on AEM 6.5.2 which is host on the new Cloud but is not configure as Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service (so to upload images we use the Upload Workflow). We have the Scene7 mode  (not Hybrid).

We use Image Preset in order to configure the Dynamic Renditions that are created every time we upload an asset.

So every time we upload an asset the file is published to Scene7.


If we upload a GIF then the file is publish to /is/image/ and is convert to static file. It is possible to configure this to be publish in /is/content/ when MIME type is GIF?

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In Scene7 Animated GIFs are considered "static content, this is the reason when you publish it, the URL structure is coming up as is/image.

Hence you would require to adjust URL structure for animated GIF by replacing is/image/ with is/content/.



Hope this helps!


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Hi @anubha ,


Thanks for your answer.


We were trying to find any OOTB configuration to automatically do this.

Another issue that we are having is that the images presets (Dynamic Renditions) width and height are not being taking into account when we publish.


Do you know where can I get more information regarding this?





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Hi @federicom953713  did you manage to get the answer for this? We do have same issue. wid and hie parameters not working for gif images


Hi @federicom953713 : Ideally when you are publishing the images with dynamic renditions, it should work. To do more analysis on this, I would request you to please open a ticket on daycare with us so that we can help you further on this.