Determining public/published and private assets from a CSV export



I have used the metadata export function in my DAM (AEM 6.4). Are there fields within an export which allow me to determine which asset paths are public (as opposed to a private or unpublished asset)?


I'm able to do this within the AEM UI but it would be more scalable to do so within the spreadsheet exported. 


Thank you. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)



This information should be in your metadata export.  Don't have ready access to 6.4 instance at moment, but I believe the answer is the same on 6.5.


I think the problem is that the some of replication metadata is not on the metadata node, so it isn't included in your CSV.


Not sure if you what replication queues you have configured. Portal and Sites replication information will be at the jcr:content node rather than the jcr:content/metadata node. If you have Dynamic Media connected, this information is available at the metadata node and will show in a metadata export CSV. 


In 6.5, the metadata property you should look for in your CSV is dam:scene7FileStatus{{String}}.   Values of PublishComplete indicate an asset is published to Dynamic Media.


By the way, if this need is worth the development customization, you could customize your publish workflow to set a custom metadata field on the metadata node so all publishing information was available via this route.  


Hope this helps,


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