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Custom tag prediction in AEM Essentials


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I recently saw a reference to custom tag prediction and "training" images that can be used to predict correct tags for new images covered in the onboarding process. The automatic tagging process is extended to learn the taxonomy of the client's business. https://blog.developer.adobe.com/efficient-asset-management-with-enhanced-smart-tags-887bd47dbb3f


Is this only available in the AEM Enterprise product and not Essentials?


There are constant random errors in the smart tags of our uploaded photo assets. Tags such as 'cowbell' and 'bobsled' that don't have any possible relationship to the content. As well, there can be a photo of a building exterior with a prominent sign as the library and it won't be in a smart tag, but it can appear for other images. We now have 156 smart tags blocked, which has been helpful, but could this tag prediction and training feature help make the smart tags "smarter"?

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@CynthiaCo As per below Product Description, Smart Content Services should not be part of Assets Essentials, unless you have an Add-On. It largely depends upon your Licensing details. You can reach out to Accounts team for more information:https://helpx.adobe.com/in/legal/product-descriptions/aem-cloud-service.html


A Thumb of rule for any Smart service to get smarter is to train it as much as possible. Below are few guidelines that Adobe Smart Content Services takes into consideration:



Hope this helps