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Could not build Package "no space left in device" when building packages via crxde or curl command AEM 6.1


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Hi Community and Staffs,

I'm new to AEM6.1 and just want to seek help from here. I am building packages recently using crxde package manager and curl commands, however, I have encountered an error that does not allow me to build packages anymore. I deleted the package that I've built everytime and now I am confused that I've encountered this error. Am I doing it right? How can I free up space and on what directory should I free up?

Can someone help me regarding with this matter? Any answer is really appreciated. Thank you!

Best Regards,

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By default Aem is configured to use the temporary path which is /tmp . It is this temporary path that is used for the package upload and when this temporary path doesn't have enough space - it throws the above error.

this has also been discussed in Package Manager "no space left on device" when trying to build a package

and a related blog on this java.io.IOException: No space left on device | dipeshmajumdar.com


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Hi ,

how can i cleanup /tmp on ssh? or in localhost:4502? thanks