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AEM Forms, Workflow and publish agent


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Hello community,


I have been reading about a custom agent and I have seen the Akamai example.  I have a non-traditional use-case coming from a LiveCycle AEM Forms scenario.  I will get into that situation a little later, if needed . . .


I am assuming most people would say that it is not a good idea to change the default publishing agent to point to a local servlet to take a custom action.  However, as a test case, I created a custom servlet and pointed the default agent to my custom servlet.  All is good and it's behaving exactly like I want.  What is nice about this configuration is that Quick Publish works perfectly and it's easy for end users to see what to do.  My custom servlet inspects the payload and if it's not relevant to my use-case, it's exits successfully and the asset thinks it was published.  Otherwise, if it's an asset that I care about, it takes the appropriate action.  My publish servlet basically, pushes assets/forms to a special (hidden) directory which gives users access to the forms on a custom front-end.  This AEM instance will never be used for Sites or anything like the traditional use of AEM. It's an author only instance.  It is being used for AEM Forms and workflow.


So, is it still bad to change the default agent?  Or does this make sense as an alternative use? 

And, if I were to create a Custom Agent and disabled all agents except my Custom Agent, would Quick Publish use my custom agent?  

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