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Why can't Adobe Application Manager update my applications?


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After having reinstalled Photoshop CS5 with Bridge and ACR on a new PC, the Adobe Application Manager is not able to update the applications when new updates are recognized..

Updating begins rather promissing, advances to 100% within a minute or so, but ends with the warning (and a red triangle):

"Some updates were not installed."

"The following updates were not installed. If you want to install the updates, you must first solve the problems below and try again:

Listing, ex:

"Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.5-update

An error occured during this update. Abort and try again later.

... "

Or much alike - I have translated from Danish.

My problem is, that AAM doesn't give a clue about what is causing the error.


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Well, this seems to be a dead end asking for support here - to the same extend as it is impossible to persuade Adobe to give up the cloud-insanity and offer there traditional customers decent support - i.e. professional support directly from the product-owners. Who can remember when we experienced responsibility and helpfulness from Adobe last time? This brand has developed to a money-machine and the relation to it's customers is arrogance. It's as simple as that. MONEY and CONTROL has become the big creatures in the revelation. It is no longer acceptable to the people behind these money-systems to let private users own their product and use it in PRIVACY and in comfort.

The problem above was solved without any help from Adobe or from - whatever this forum is good for.

It is time to demand ownership and privacy.

Eigil Skovgaard