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Batch rendering possible in Adobe Dimension?


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I need to comp up 7 flavors of Ice Cream pints, same angle, placed graphics etc. (Basically I'm dropping in a flat label, showing the front of the cylinder...I also have to put the lid graphics on there too, ALL 7 flavors).

Question: Is there a way to do ALL front labels as one group and the lids as another group, so I'm not just doing one off's for each and trying to match each other visually??? There seems like there's an easier way. They need to match perfectly. Deadline is Monday 5/6 in the morning. Yikes.

I'm just learning the program so any advice would be great!


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Hey there! Not sure I understand 100%, but here's what I would suggest:

  1. Find your ideal layout and lighting with the cylinder
  2. Save that as a Camera Bookmark so you can always go back to that ideal view
  3. Add the placed graphic with the other variations as Artboards in the same file This way you can use the Artboard dropdown in the Material properties to easily swap the graphics without having to re-place each graphic individually
  4. Fire off a render for the first configuration
  5. Update the Artboards for the graphics from the Artboard dropdowns on the material properties for the placed graphics, make sure you're on the same Camera bookmark to keep the view consistent
  6. Fire off the next render
  7. Repeat until you have everything you need
  8. Win!

This quick tip video from our resident 3D artist Vlad may provide some more insight - Pro Tips from Creative Pros: Vladimir Petkovic on Artboards in Dimension | Adobe Creative Cloud - Y...

Hope that helps!