How to properly build non-authenticated & authenticated Visitors segments in Audience Manager?



I've gone thru documentation of AAM and I'm still a bit uncertain how segments work in AAM.

I'm trying to build 2 segments, first a Prospect segment that contains Visitors that does not have Authenticated Visits and then Authenticated segment that contain Visitors that have Authenticated Visits. By Authenticated I mean that have triggered certain event at leas once.

So my segments are:

Prospect: TRAIT Prospect AND NOT TRAIT Authenticated

Authenticated: TRAIT Authenticated

With this setup I get the authenticated of course, but when Visitor moves from Prospect status to Authenticated do they still stay in the Prospect segment? So does the segment only use the first event that triggered trait when Prospect is evaluated, and it just stays as Prospect segment until TRAIT TTL ends. 

How should I do this the right way?

Thanks for help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thanks for reaching out. The Unique visitor would fall off the first segment because now they have authenticated. If the first segment didn't include "AND NOT TRAIT Authenticated," then the visitor would qualify for both segments up until the TTL expires. Let us know if you have any additional questions.



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