Non-public selectors as consume method



Hi ,

I am getting warning while uploading an app with Omniture SDK to Appstore and Please check warning as below

Non-public selectors as consume method

App references non-public selectors in payload/AppName:consume

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Private APIs are used by the Adobe SDK, this warning is caused by a performSelector call inside the Adobe library on a delegate method (consume) from the MboxContentConsumerDelegate protocol. Target needs to be implemented to avoid this warning.

Two workarounds are as follows:

Upgrade to a 4.0+ version of the library. The 3.x versions of the library have this issue , the newer versions don't have this protocol (instead using gcd block callbacks).

Add a definition of the consume method inside your code. The following snippet  will convince the Apple preflight process that the referenced selector exists within your application's source code.

@interface NSObject (Consume)-(void)consume😞id)dummy;@end@implementation NSObject (Consume)-(void)consume😞id)dummy {}@end




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