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Start Email Notifications on triggering and activites on deployment pipeline


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Description – On Triggering the builds from cloud manager pipelines it is expected for a group of users to get build email notifications / Activities on below actions. And also it would be better for an Admin to configure the list of users who needed the notifications (and not in the aem inbox)

  • When build is successful
  • When build fails
  • When build is paused or waiting for manual action
  • When build gets completed
  • Who triggered the build
  • Who cancel the build

Why is this feature important to you – It is needed for the proper build management on AEM cloud and also to track the progress of the project

How would you like the feature to work –

Expected in the email notification are as below

  • If a mail is success then the list of changes that are going as part of the current build need to be sent
  • If any error in the build, notification with the error details need to be sent
  • If the build is paused and waiting for manual action, notification need to be send only to specific people who have the access to overwrite the build in the pipeline
  • A portal or an option where we can set the list of people who can get the specific notifications for a pipeline or a program.
  • Notification to admin group on “Who triggered the build”, “Who cancel the build”

Current Behavior –

In the current behavior we only get AEM inbox notification on just the build started, cancel with no details on it.

We can achieve most of the features from Jenkins as an individual jobs or some other ways, but it would be helpful if it can be done from experience manager account.



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I think you should refer this - 


there are ways by which you can change the setting and email notifications can be sent.

Also, using webhooks on Adobe I/O you can integrate the deployment pipeline and sent notification to collaboration channels like Teams, Slack etc.


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 I already have gone through the article and did a POC, But what i feel is that, it is missing some more details as requested in the description.  Like

  1. Email notifications and not as AEM inbox notification. The mail notification the we get doesn't capture the details. It is just a message that build is triggered and missing  "who triggered it" and when is it triggered.
  2. Build details like failure, success 
  3. Build Status notification to clients with what code is pushed in the current build
  4. Notifications to a specific groups like client 
  5. I feel that is not a good way to maintain the build management


Like I said we can achieve some of the functionalities by Jenkins which needed some Dev effort and also API configuration. As we are moving to advanced world what I feel is it would be better if adobe have an option in the Cloud manager account based on permissions.