"Days since last purchase" report add to sitecatalyst

tinas841 13-02-2014

Currently I have been told the above report is only available in datawarehouse. I think this would be an important metric to determine purchase behavior and trend. Please add and include this report in sitecatalyst. It also ties in well with "days before 1st purchase" which is already in sitecatalyst.


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Melissa_Kavanag 17-04-2014

Yes! This report used to be available in v14, but was done away with in v15. Please, please, please bring it back.

benjamingaines2 17-04-2014
Thanks for the feedback. We are working on other ways to answer the same question provided by the Days Since Last Purchase report. However, this report will not be coming back in its previous form, so that we can focus on other priorities.