I'd like a shortcut to jump right to Analytics on login

katiem5932052 05-10-2018

Currently when I log in to Experience Cloud, I land on a home screen.

We only use the Analytics Product.

It would be great if I could save two clicks and some wait time by being dropped off immediately in Analytics.

This is especially annoying because my session will time out, and I'll have to go back to the beginning again.

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aliskink2 17-10-2018

katiem5932052​ This facility already exists.  Go to your Profile (My Account > Edit Profile, from the person icon in the top right corner of the screen) and under 'Default Organisation and Landing Page' choose 'Analytics' from the Landing Page dropdown.

Next time you log in, it'll jump you straight into Analytics.

katiem5932052 17-10-2018

Thanks for the tip. I tried to do this and I still land on the Experience Cloud landing page -- maybe it's because we use the Experience Cloud sign in?

aliskink2 17-10-2018

That's strange.  We use Experience Cloud logins too, and it works for us.   It might be a bug - worth checking with Client Care (Adobe Support) perhaps.

katiem5932052 29-10-2018

Client Care helped me out! Thanks again for the heads up!