Add Audience Manager Segment Qualification to Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger




Add Audience Manager Segment Qualification

It is fairly difficult to debug AAM segment qualification when Server-Side Forwarding is enabled.  Please add support for displaying qualified AAM segments to the UI – both on the Summary Page and the Audience Manager tab.  The data appears to be in the request/response pairs (string below taken from the Analytics response).  The Segments should be displayed in an easy to read grid/column and in numerical order.

if(s_c_il[1].doPostbacks)s_c_il[1].doPostbacks… [{"cn":"MC_AUDIENCES","cv":"id=2877587,1318833,1640846,6223570,6332621,4595188","dmn":"","ttl":30},{"cn":"fltk","cv":"segID=4595188,segID=2593713,segID=1640846","dmn":"","ttl":30}, ,"tid":"EeYI0tuZR7Q=","uuid":"17931585257294573923414881598756574104"}