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Remove package in CRXDE have the same result over uninstall package?


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i install a package in my local AEM cloud as service. And well iam very fresher and need remove this package. I only delete the package. But well i dont uninstall this package when i deleted. And well in my http://localhost:4502/system/console/depfinder (check the image) and well i continue see the package but i dont sure what mean that.

its the same thing delete package over uninstall?
or i need uninstall the package and next delete?

and.. well any case i can delete this package in another way for dont see anymore?



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Package delete does not uninstall the results of the package.  You must first uninstall the package then delete it to remove its deployed information.

This aligns with ability to upload a package and not install it immediately or install it later.

Hope this helps.


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Hello, Juan,
I already answered a similar post like yours...
hope find it helpful

Uninstalling UI.Content Package on CRXDE