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Openwisk - Response not yet ready (Sporadic issue)


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Hi Team
We are using the openwisk in our application for time consuming api's. Sporadically we are getting the response as error: "Response not yet ready.".
He is our flow. We are calling the openwisk by invoke method and getting the activationId. Later periodically we are checking the response using the activationId.
If the response is not available, we are getting as "error": "There was an error processing your request". Then we will call again with activationId.
Some time we are getting as error: "Response not yet ready.".
At what scenarios we will get this Response not yet ready?
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Hi @AntonyThanislas -

"Response not yet ready" means your activation is still running, so you should wait a bit more to get the response.

"There was an error processing your request" means your activation finished with an error. You could check the activation record and logs to see what went wrong.

Please note that the default timeout of activations is 1 min. You mentioned that the action is time consuming, so for non-blocking activations (e.g. invoked by CLI, not web requests), you can increase the timeout up to 30 min.