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I want to add User Management API in Adobe Developer console.


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I have system administrator privileges, but I cannot add the User Management API in the Adobe Developer console.

User Management API is grayed out and cannot be selected.

I would like to know what permissions my login account should have in order to add the User Management API in the Adobe Developer console.

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Hey @kaji,


To add the User Management API in the Adobe Developer Console, your account needs specific permissions beyond just being a system administrator. The ability to access and manage APIs, especially those related to user management, typically requires administrative privileges at the organization level in Adobe's ecosystem. Here are the key permissions and roles you should check:

  1. Organization Administrator Role:

    • Ensure that you have the role of an Organization Administrator (or a similar high-level administrative role) within your Adobe Enterprise account. This role usually has the authority to manage users and access to various services and APIs.
  2. Adobe Admin Console Access:

    • Verify that you have access to the Adobe Admin Console. This is where organization-level settings are managed, including user permissions and API access.
  3. API Permissions:

    • Within the Adobe Admin Console, check if there are specific permissions or settings that control access to API management. Some organizations might restrict API access to certain roles or individuals for security and compliance reasons.
  4. Enterprise or Team Account:

    • Ensure that your account is part of an Adobe Enterprise or Team plan, as certain APIs may not be available to individual users or lower-tier plans.
  5. Consult Adobe Documentation:

    • Adobe’s official documentation often outlines the required permissions and roles for using different features and APIs. Review the documentation for the User Management API for specific guidance.
  6. Contact Adobe Support:

    • If you’re unable to determine the issue, contacting Adobe Support can provide clarity. They can help in understanding the specific requirements and possibly update your permissions.
  7. Review API Terms and Conditions:

    • Sometimes, access to certain APIs might be restricted based on the terms and conditions of your Adobe subscription. Review these to ensure there are no such limitations.

If you're not the primary administrator of the Adobe account for your organization, you might need to consult with the person or team who has the highest-level administrative control. They can verify your permissions and adjust them if necessary. Additionally, certain APIs may require specific contractual agreements with Adobe, especially for enterprise-level services.