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Cannot serve request to /content.html in org.apache.sling.servlets.get.DefaultGetServlet for publish 4503


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Hi there,


I installed AEM to my local Windows laptop. I can connect to author via localhost: 4502, but i got the following error to connect to publisher localhost:4503.


I started the publisher instance by double clicking the aem-publish-p4503.jar file.

Not Found

Cannot serve request to /content.html in org.apache.sling.servlets.get.DefaultGetServlet


I tried to access to localhost:4503/system/console, i can access to it without being prompted to log in.

And my "Day CQ Root Mapping" is also /content.html already.


Could anyone help me out of it.


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The URL you are trying to access does not exist in AEM, for example: http://localhost:4502/content.html, so encountering a 404 error is expected if you try to access that URL. What you should access on a publish instance is a 'live site,' in other words, the site that has been published from the Author instance. Therefore, you should attempt to access something like 'localhost:4503/content/wknd/us/en.html' if you have the WKND site, for instance.



Hope this helps.


Esteban Bustamante