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Adobe Livecycle: repeat table in every master page


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Hi guys, I am currently developing a form with Livecycle and as Adobe Livecycle has been discontinued, most of the previous guides to repeat table in every master page are now missing from the internet. 

What i want to achieve is very simple where I just need to show the same table data on every new page. I designed the table and repeatable subform on the masterpage-Page1 itself, bind a table data to it and supply the data from SAP.

The table data is shown correctly on the first page, but from page 2 onwards, they are blank. What i found out in one of the archived guides is the table data will be consumed on the very first page and there will be no data left for the next page onwards. Some one suggested to iterate the table data for every new page using script and then bind the new instance to the repeatable subform.

However my scripting is not that good and i still cannot get a solution after trying for a few days. I have tried to addInstance and setInstances() on the masterpage's repeatable subform but they do not seem to do anything. Are master page subforms fixed and cannot be changed once they are rendered? As i am generating the form from SAP, I am also not able to debug the script. I can only display xfa.record.nodes... values on a text field to debug.

Can someone here guide me on how to solve this issue?


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