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Adobe Analytics IO API is not sending data to report suite Incident: 220422-000111


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Hi @adobe Team,


Incident ID raised to Adobe : 220422-000111

Due to some challenges to capturing the Transaction data from UI, we are capturing using S2S integration to Adobe analytics.

But some of the transaction events are not reflecting in the Adobe analytics even though we are receiving the response status as 200 from Adobe IO service. we are facing this issue in Production and lower environments.

Below is the one of the PROD responses for reference.

Order ID : BPPTN0404902229903843328 , is_data_sent_to_analytics = True , Time --> 2022-04-22 07:38:16.201


Logs -->

{"digitalData":{"customerId":"dc6edccabcc8f0c0cb16baa582f20695","hostIP":"19X.16X.29.19","product":[{"productid":"1","quantity":"1","price":"38.0","category":"CAT1011","eligibleforTCL":""}],"brand":[{}],"tataPay":{"numOfOffersApplied":"0","multiTender":{"name":"Debit Card|"},"orderid":"BPPTN0404902229903843328","noOfQuanties":1},"transaction":{"totalRevenue":"38.0","transactionId":"TDL16506130143950000000000001171174","transactionStatus":"Success","transactionFrom":"TCP","reason":"Multitender"},"offer":{},"card":{"eligibleForEMI":"","emiRate":"","emITenure":""},"journeyType":"Bills \u0026 recharges","bookingId":"BPPTN0404902229903843328","stayDuration":"0","timestamp":"Apr 22, 2022 7:38:16 AM","payment":{"payeeSource":"Bills \u0026 recharges"}}}

response : {"payload":"Data posted to analytics"}

HTTP response : HttpResponseProxy{HTTP/1.1 200 OK [Content-Length: 43, Content-Type: application/json

Analytics Http Response Status Code: 200

Data Sent To Adobe Analytics for payOrder : BPPTN0404902229903843328

*********** Callback Status : 200


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